Excerpt from the third chapter ‘Talking about Possibilities’

“Trump, his army of trolls, European populist leaders and their parrots speak of ‘the élite.’ It is their aim to destroy the élite. Does this mean that, belonging to a noise scene, or to a DIY community that shows itself critical of the establishment, and thus of the élite, that all of a sudden you are part of the alt-right mob?
You know what. I’d rather not. Moreover, I’d rather like to think a little bit. Considering that I can move freely, speak freely and express my art freely, sometimes even with money from institutions, I think this élite of ours is not doing so bad at all. You may or may not like the EU, but one of the most important messages it has brought across, is the message of constant dialogue and thus of peace. The leaders don’t use outrage and anger as a unifying and catalysing tool.”
You can order the book here.

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