Excerpt from the second chapter, ‘One Beautiful Summer’

“I could only think of a little fragile man, his fanaticism that religious people call devotion, the diseases of that time and what a miserable life it must have been to dedicate your entire existence to a vision. Loyola helped to build an empire, an empire so big that it occupied worldly places, but also time itself and everything that happened within that time and space. At night the pilgrim and the scholar could go for a walk outside, look up at the stars and think they were in an enormous cathedral. And the only lights they could see were the stars above and the only sounds they could hear were hidden in the surrounding darkness. Marcin had called the composer of Blackout after the performance even before lightning his cigarette. It was a full Moon night. Months later Michal and Marcin went for a pilgrimage to the north of Spain. The composer, Tres had died soon after the performance in Elblag.”
you can get the book here

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